Casting Simulation

Casting simulation

Casting simulation is a process integrated in the development of each die casting project and mold design.

After developing of the gate system, the filling of the die is simulated through an interactive process beginning with approximate and quick simulations from the first draft and then sequencially optimizing with the aim to reduce expected defects of the casted part and production scrap.

Simulations can be carried out even if you want to find and solve production problems by changing existing dies of other manufacturers or also as simple consultation service to foundries.

Since 2012 we have FLOW-3D CAST software in use.

Structural Simulation

For the structural verification of our molds, we use ANSYS MECHANICAL, one of the most well-known FEA-software for structural engineering. From the results of the casting simulation, it is possible to import pressure and temperature datas during the different casting phases and include them in the structural model of the mold.

Thanks to this tool, you can:

• Visualize the real distribution of internal and external stresses in molds and prevent fatigue failure.
• Evaluate the clearance between the mold components and the relative contact pressure and predict the formation of any burrs.
• Analyze and predict the formation of cracks in the cavity caused by thermal fatigue.
• Predict the stresses and deformations of the cast components and make the necessary corrections to the nominal dimensions
• Optimize mold dimensioning and layout reducing the weight of the structure while ensuring the required rigidity and thermomechanical resistance.