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Our quality system not only concerns the products but the impact on the environment and the territory as well as the safety and well-being of the coworkers.

We perform continuous controls that involve all production processes: planning and management of running orders, verification of material acceptance, design reviews, dimensional control both during and at the end of processing, final testing of the mold.

In order to preserve the ENVIRONMENT, we carry out continuous monitoring to minimize the impact even in small things: energy efficiency, storage and disposal of materials, cleanliness, order and accuracy… We prefer products with low environmental impact, from lighting to cleaning products, almost completely reducing the chemical risk for the territory and our coworkers. When you’re feeling good, things get done well!

SAFETY and HEALTH of our workers. Proper planning also requires compliance with workplace safety rules, machinery that is regularly maintained, active devices and continuous training. Working safely reduces waste, waste of time, inefficiencies and danger. Careful planning of resources is the basis for meeting our commitments with the customer.

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The customer has at his disposal the complete documentation: material test certificates, metallographies, stress relieving and hardness certificates. But in our company we not only have machinery, not only production and not only working hours. The well-being of our coworkers is at the heart of FORMSTAMPI’s actions as much as our customers’ satisfaction. This is why we have been ISO 9001 CERTIFIED FOR QUALITY AND ISO 45001:2018 FOR SAFETY since 1999.