Step-bracket for trucks

Nr. of cavities: 1

Nr. of movements each cavity: 1

An example of co-design and customer service from A to Z. This step-bracket for trucks is produced in two versions right and left. Since it’s a crash-relevant part, it is casted under deep vacuum in both die cavity and sleeve and furthermore treated with T6 to increase its yield strength and elongation. In comparison with the bracket already in production Form Srl, together with the commitment, has re-designed the 3d of the part to reduce the weight, improve cast-ability and trim-ability. The die construction is now more robust and compact. The design of the gating and air suction systems has been done with our casting simulation software with the objective to minimize the air entrainment but also to minimize the die erosion considering that the specified alloy is very aggressive. The try-out of the moulds has been done in a partner foundry in the neighbor and the samples were used to adjust the trimming tools, supplied together with die casting tools.

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