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We announce that today the Italian economic newspaper  ” Sole 24 Ore” published a special insert “Events” dedicated to leader companies in Italy.

This is the article that talks about us 27 03 2017_EVENTI

Below follows the translation in English language, we wish you a nice reading!


Die Casting for the Automotive

The innovation of the second generation: quality and high technology

 Thirty-five years of activity that now enclose the experience of the founders and the energy of the second generation, with the goal to give a solid future to a company  that has its core business in the molds for High Pressure Die Casting and a high propensity for the research and expansion. A philosophy of the entrepreneur that in the 2017 is synthesized by one fact over all: the investment of one third of the turnover for the expansion of the production area and the purchase of machinery fully compliant to the Industry 4.0 guideline: the strong automation  and the interconnection between machines. This is the realty of Form S.r.l., company that build molds for Aluminum die casting born in Legnaro (Padova) in the 1980, with the objective to grow as reliable partner, mixing tradition and efficiency and looking for the continuous balance between the inventiveness and the experience of the single person, with the productivity of the most modern technologies. “Our primary interlocutors are the foundries that cast the Aluminum products for the automotive industry, a field characterized by high volumes and the strong quality standards” says Daniele Grassivaro, salesman at Form and one of the three representatives of the second generation, together with Elisa Sartori responsible of the Administration and Serena Bazzolo that manage the Safety-Health and Quality functions. Form has an horizon on international scale, both for customer and competitors, “the reference foundries are from Europe, as our competitor mold-makers – Grassivaro confirms – The confront with colleagues from Germany is at the same level for quality and price – he continue – , while in comparison with other areas like Turkey and Est Europe our added value is the quality of the product we make”. Strong of a business that was able to grow stable and long relationship with own customers, “half of them are our interlocutors since over twenty years”, today Form decides a further step forward to grow its production capacity and also the possibility to make bigger molds. “in the course of this year we’re going to expand our structure – tell Sartori – and to invest over machines that, in addition to have high technology contents, will allow us to make molds with higher dimensions, up to the double of the actual production”.  A further strategic acquisition will be the cleaning plant for molds, that “will be used for the cleaning and revamping of molds that comes from our customers”, tell the two entrepreneurs. The introduction of this plant into the disassembly department “will allow us to speed up the lead time by optimizing the operations and making them more clean, in line with our certifications: the 14001 for the environment and the 18001 for the safety”. At the core of the research and development dynamics of Form is the Technical Department, a function in which the company has always invested much, by providing to it a software for the casting simulation based on numeric computation. ” with this and with the continuous training of the personnel at every stage – continue Grassivaro and Sartori – we dedicate not only to the design of our molds, but we also make the industrialization of the product for our customers. This is an important aspect of our design process, because we can optimize it for the die casting process, reducing or furthermore eliminating, the problems that could manifest during the production phase”. Not only, Form arrives to simulate the casting process of the foundries: we know by this way how the mold will work during the production. We use the simulation as design tool, while it helps also the final user because he can know before with which injection parameters obtain the minor production scrap rate”. We’re talking about competences that give to Form ad evident advantage in competitiveness, as the continuous research to accelerate the mechanical machining , with the target to optimize the molds construction time. Not the least, ” the investments of this year, as well as growing our technology asset, will allow the widening of the competences of our personnel , called to manage and program smarter machines”, terminate Grassivaro and Sartori.