Quality is a complete reality for us and it concerns not only the products but also the Environmental and Territory impact and the workers’ Safety and well-being.

The products QUALITY controls are continuous and they involve all the productive phases: planning and management of the orders, choose of the suitable raw material and heat treatment, casting’s simulation during the design phase, continuous dimensional checks on board with laser gauging, wax sampling and further final die cast sample’s production and test.

WORKERS’ SAFE and HEALTH. A right planning needs also the respect of the safety occupational rules, machineries always under maintenance, active devices and continual training. Work in a safe environment reduces wastes, loss of time, inefficiency and dangers: a careful planning of the resources is the foundation to respect the commitment with the Costumer.

Quality system

Finally as concern the ENVIRONMENT, there is a continual monitor in order to minimize the impact also in the little things: energetic efficiency, materials’ stocking and disposal, cleaning, arrangement and accuracy… We put at first low environmental impact’s products, from illumination to cleanliness’ products, in order to reduce almost all the chemical risk for the territory and for our workers. When there is a good fell, also the things be successful!

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