The collaboration with MMC HITACHI Tool

The collaboration with MMC HITACHI Tool began when we were evaluating an alternative to the way of building the cavity of the molds that until then had mainly focused on the use of the EDM electroerosion. In agreement with Enrico Perosa (Moldino), we have selected products that could be made entirely from milling, even with very significant shape and tolerance complications.

We immediately understood that we had technicians with an excellent industry’s knowledge and an excellent knowledge of CAM systems, ready to give us appropriate suggestions to the type of tool to use based on product problems and CAM strategies .

The results were so satisfying that in a short time we started using Moldino tools on all our work phases both in roughing and finishing, and we joined the Production50® program with the main objective of making the production process stable and repeatable and consequently the reduction of milling times.

The objective was achieved in a short time, managing to reduce the construction times of some products by 40% compared to the previous method with the same tooling costs (graphite, diamond inserts, electrode construction …).