Nowadays we know that the deadline to send quotations to your clients is always very very short. For this reason You would like to get as soon as possible the reply to your RFQ for new die casting molds. Maybe You would like also to receive quotations for alternative configurations, like different number of cavities or with/without features like movements or sub-inserts. And all the costs should be specified in detail or directly into your own Tool Breakdown Cost document. Price for spare set of pins and other exchangeable parts could be very useful to You to evaluate lifetime costs of your die casting mold.

Form S.r.l. is pleased to inform You that we have developed a new tool for faster and accurate elaboration of new die casting mold costs.

This tool is based on the depth analysis of the 3d model of the part, from which depends the complexity of the mold

For this reason, on your next RFQs, together with the 2d drawing, please send always to us also the 3d model of the part.
In addition to the economic offer, we give you also the preliminary technical analysis.

Send us your requests without hesitation, it is a free service! The elaboration time for a new offer is, on average, only 3 days!
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