The company has 30 employees divided in the three macro areas: administration, technical office and production. These are three big open-spaces, where lot of projects are carry out simultaneously. The projects are supervised by the appointed people, but always with the control of the direct responsible.

Our reference market is the world: we export over 70% of our production, and our sale’s market office speaks perfectly in English and German depending on the customers’ needs.

Working plans are periodically up to date and send to the customer in order to check the progress of the works, now with a fundamental aim: fulfill the delivery date! We work the 95% for the automotive’s sector: limited tolerances, precision, and reduced times are our routine. Thanks to this, our company work with advanced machineries, which are always up to dated and/or changed with those of new generation. We invest in new technologies approximately for 10-12% of the annual turnover.